Several important words

You can install Elegant Git by either executing bash script or using homebrew. After the installation, please run git elegant acquire-repository for an existing repository. This command configures the repository and makes Elegant Git commands available just by git <command>.

All available commands are described on commands page or can be displayed in a terminal by running git elegant.

Also, please use git elegant clone-repository or git elegant init-repository instead of regular clone or init Git's commands in order to get Elegant Git working by default.

bash installation

Run curl | $(which bash) and follow the provided instructions to install the tool. ${HOME}/.elegant-git directory will host all required files. That's why if you want to remove installation, you need to remove this directory only (rm -r ${HOME}/.elegant-git).

Elegant Git's BASH completion does not work without regular Git BASH completion. If you don't have it, please follow in addition to Elegant Git's configuration.

Homebrew installation

On macOS, you can install Homebrew if you haven't already, then run brew install git (we must install Git with Homebrew in order to have a working BASH completion) and brew install bees-hive/hive/elegant-git (please visit if you need details).