Elegant Git is an assistant who carefully makes routine work with Git.

Used philosophy

  • actual work is allowed in custom branches only
  • all pushes to master are strictly controlled
  • all Git commands being executed are printed
  • new work applies on top of latest available (rebase instead of merge)
  • declarative interaction matters

Sounds interesting? Go to getting started guide or take a look for available commands.

Elegant Git encourages using of GitHub flow. However, you can try to apply it to your branching strategy as well.

Known limitations

Support only one default remote - origin.

Exit codes

Usually, Elegant Git translates exit codes of original Git commands. However, in some cases, it may face its own errors and raises them as

  • 0 - a successful execution
  • 42 - a philosophical constraint
  • 43 - a logical constraint
  • 45 - a required parameter is empty
  • 46 - an unknown command