Installation via Bash script

Run the follwing command and follow the instructions

curl | $(which bash)

Elegant Git will be installed in ~/.elegant-git directory. That's why if you want to remove the installation, just remove the directory.

Installation via Homebrew

On macOS, you can install Homebrew if you haven't already, then run

brew install git bees-hive/hive/elegant-git

The command will

  • install Git as it has to be installed with Homebrew for enabling Bash/Zsh completion
  • install Elegant Git
  • configure Bash completion for both Git and Elegant Git

P.S. If you need Zsh completion for all Git commands, consider using (see for the details).

Post-installation actions

Configure your environment by running git elegant acquire-git and follow the instructions. To find out more, please read the configuration approach.

You can access Elegant Git in CLI using any of

git <command>
git elegant <command>
git-elegant <command>

where <command> is one of the commands described on the commands page or printed in a terminal after running git elegant.

Also, please use git elegant clone-repository or git elegant init-repository instead of regular clone or init Git's commands in order to get Elegant Git working by default.